MVP Workshops aims to aid the personal and social development of young people by introducing them to our 5  Major Keys!

By identifying these 5 major keys, discussing what they mean and developing strategies to help maintain / further develop them, young people will be placed in the best possible position to understand what it takes to become successful in whatever career they wish to pursue. The 5 Major keys are as follows.

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Attendance & Punctuality

Are you devoted to attending all of your commitments? Are you on time? Good attendance & punctuality is important because it shows and proves that you are reliable. It shows that
people can depend on you, because you have shown that you are committed to doing what you said you would do.

Attitude & Behaviour

Are you polite and well spoken? Do you take well to constructive criticism? Good behaviour / attitude tells someone a lot about your personality / character. It gives them an indication of your capability to work with others. A bad attitude creates confrontation, fear and will not help you to progress.


How well do you work with others? Are you able to work with people you don’t know or like? Working in a team does not mean you have to like everyone, but it does mean you have to get along for the purpose of the task. Teamwork divides the work up and gets things done more efficiently. There is no I in TEAM.


Are you able to speak freely without the fear of being judged? Do you feel comfortable in being who you want to be, without being scared that someone will laugh at you? Confidence is the ability to love the skin that you are in and not care about what others may think of you.


Do you have the drive to reach your goals no matter how long it may take? Are you afraid of failure? Determination is the ability to keep on going until you have reached your targets. This means getting back up if you fall and having the confidence to do better next time.