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At MVP we are passionate about seeing our young people progress into meaningful training, job opportunities or work experience etc. We are pleased to announce the Social Media Careers Program funded by the Mayor of London Thrive London and Team London.

Take part in Intensive Media Training including

Social Media Usage
Video Production
Online Safety
Content Creation

We will support young people to develop the social media campaign for Project Zero. We will create a safe zone, where they can make new friends as well as learn new skills.

The projects aim to positively impacts the wellbeing and emotional resilience of the young people involved in the project. Young people will understand the benefits of volunteering as an unpaid activity where someone gives their time to help a not-for-profit organisation.

The project includes activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, through the social media marketing strategy.

The Social Media Careers program supports 20 young people, to learn digital marketing skills and the ‘ professional side of social media’. Young people will then volunteer at local community organisation Project Zero, an anti-knife crime organisation, leading on their social media campaign.

MVP Workshops will work with 20 young people combining social action with volunteering opportunities. The cohorts will be segmented into:

10-12 years & 13-15 years – early engagement
16+ years – Thinking about careers

Project attendees will form the MVP Media team and will developing the project by strategically creating content, ads, and engaging with the projects target audience through our various social media platforms.

Young people will take on roles and tasks such as shaper, implementer, completer/finisher, co-ordinator, team worker, resource investigator, monitor-evaluator, and specialist roles.

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