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Our bespoke packages are designed and based on a three-phase program, an experience designed to take learners out of their comfort zone, build resilience and instil the skills and confidence to thrive and excel in education and future endeavours.  Throughout the project learners will work on their social and personal development as well as life skills through our 5 Major Keys sessions  (Attitude/ Behaviour, Attendance/ Punctuality, Confidence, Determination and Teamwork). A  final showcase will see learners present their products, explain their journey and receive feedback from the industry guest. Parents, family, teachers, community & council members shared the learners’ achievements and leave elated in community spirit. 

Singing / Rapping / Performance
Music Production
Comic Book Design
Street Art
Content Creation
Package One

Go Live

This project aims to help young people develop music production, singing, rapping, songwriting and performance skills, as well as to showcase their talent to an audience.

Throughout the duration of the Go Live workshop, young people will have the opportunity to use industry standard equipment to practise professional techniques and create an original song with their  own lyrics and own original beats, mixed and mastered by an industry professional.

Once tracks are produced, professional videographers will assist to help young people to create a music video.

Tracks produced will be uploaded to all major streaming platforms, and will be performed via a live performance at the annual Walthamstow Garden Party! The music video will be uploaded to YouTube.  Young people will get the opportunity to work with like-minded people and start to build professional networks! All work produced can be put towards young people’s portfolio to help them with progression in the near future.

Package Two

Visual Arts Project

The Visual Arts Project provides creative workshops, engaging young people, through creative expression. The Visual Arts Project will see young people partake in either Comic Book Design or Street Arts courses. For the comic book design workshop, learners will design and storyboard fictional characters and stories, with morals and meanings representational of themselves and their community. For the graffiti workshop, learners will research and discuss key themes and inspirational quotes that represent them and their community. They will then design and create a mural. Furthermore, young people will be taught and will create their own promotional strategies and business proposals.

Phase 1:
The first phase is an intensive 4-day workshop preferably over the half term. Learners will be introduced to new skill and will develop the vocational skillset, as well as life skills, based on MVP’s 5 Major Keys (Confidence, Determination, Teamwork, Attendance/ Punctuality, Behaviour/ Attitude).

Phase 2
3 weekly follow up sessions include 1-1 mentoring and target setting, as well as continuous vocational development.

Phase 3
Finally, the learner group will showcase their products, converting their learning space into an art gallery. An industry guest will attend the event and give feedback to the art creations and the business proposals.

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