Video Production

The MVP Video Production workshop will provide students an insight into what it takes
to be a professional video maker or online/ TV producer.

They will learn how to make storyboards come to life, by planning, shooting and editing professional videos. This course will teach students how to operate industry standard software, such as Final Cut Pro and professional camera equipment.
Alternatively, students can work on their presenting/acting skills in front of the camera.

Have a look at our most recent project: The Grime Waltham Forest Project
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Music Production

The MVP Music Production workshop will teach students the skills and knowledge needed to be a top music producer. Learners will leave the program with an original song professionally mixed and mastered, ready to be marketed and presented to music labels. They will learn how to produce beats in a professional studio, as well as mix and master their tracks. The course will give students an insight in how the music business works and how record labels operate in order for them to promote their original tracks.

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Singing / Songwriting & Performance

The MVP Song Writing / Performance workshop will develop song writing and performance skills, as well as give students an insight into the structures of the entertainment industry. The course will teach students how to write a song and record it in a professional studio, as well as creating the backing track for live performances. Learner will rehearse the set and perform their original track in front of a live audience. They will learn how the music industry works and adapt industry standard promotional campaigns.

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Graffiti / Street Art

The MVP Graffiti workshops allows learners to explore the history of graffiti, with the aim of gaining the understanding that this art form can be used to give people a voice and convey messages in the hope of uniting people with similar mind sets for the betterment of mankind. Learners will get the same opportunity to express themselves and walk in the footsteps of other controversial figures such as Banksy and James Cochran. By the end of the course students will understand the importance of graffiti art and its craft and design their own original art piece.

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The MVP Gaming workshop will assist learners to present a gaming story concept and be introduced to gaming software using MAYA or UNITY. Learners will work on character illustrations to form a storyline and learn basic game generating skills.

By the end of the program, learners will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of gaming software, as well as generating an income in the gaming industry.

Our summer holiday program involved approx. 65 students who tool part in a one week gaming course. From character development to learning the basics of coding, as well as a trip to the Microsoft Flagship, young people were able to experience all aspects of game design.

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Comic Design

Working in partnership with Mayamada’s cofounder Nigel Twusami, the MVP Comic book design course will focus on the art of comics and storytelling. Learners will create their own comic book and draw in the style of famous comic book phenomena such as Marvel and DC. Learn the skills to enable you to design your own comic book and bring images to life.

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